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The Commission for Controlling
the Desert Locust in the Central Region
The Commission for Controlling
the Desert Locust in the Central Region

Desert Locust situation update

DL Situation
Desert Locust Bulletin, No 465, June 2017
The Desert Locust situation continues to remain calm.

During June, preventive control operations were undertaken against localised infestations of hoppers and adults in Algeria and Iran. Elsewhere, only low numbers of solitarious adults are present in the northern and eastern interior of Sudan.

Unusually early and good rains fell during June throughout most of the summer breeding areas in the northern Sahel of West Africa and Sudan as well as along both sides of the Indo-Pakistan border. This will cause ecological conditions to become favourable for breeding earlier than normal and could allow for two generations of summer breeding this year, especially as the current seasonal forecasts are suggesting above-average rains from July to September in parts of the Sahel.

Consequently, locust numbers are expected to increase slightly in all summer breeding areas during July and August. Ground surveys should commence and continue on a regular basis throughout the summer as part of monitoring and early warning efforts.

DLIS - 04, Jul 2017