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Impact of Cyclones Sagar/Mekunu on Desert Locust
Within the span of one week, two tropical cyclones barreled down on the region. Tropical Cyclone Sagar was the first to hit, making landfall in Somalia on May 19, 2018. The storm delivered more than a year’s worth of rain to parts of the country, which has been coping with years of drought.
Days after Sagar made landfall, a second tropical cyclone barreled across the Arabian Sea.  Tropical Cyclone Mekunu on May 23, 2018. Mekunu move north-northwest and make landfall near Salalah, Dhofar and Wusta governorate, Oman by May 26. As a result, heavy rains for Socotra Island, followed by the southern Arabian coast from Sayhut in eastern Yemen to Salalah and Ash Shuwaymiyyah in southern Oman, which caused local flooding and damage.
Consequently, there is potential for Desert Locust breeding to occur in the following areas (see the map):
-          Gulf of Aden coastal plains in Yemen, Djibouti, northern Somalia;
-          coastal areas of southern Oman (Dhofar and Wusta regions);
-          interior areas of Dhofar and Wusta regions (Oman), Al Mahrah and eastern Hadhramaut (plateau) and Al Mahrah regions (Yemen) to the edge of the Empty Quarter;
-          Somali plateau from NE Somalia (Puntland) to the railway area in eastern Ethiopia.

DLIS - 30, May 2018
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