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Eritrean Technical Newsletter
Publisher: CRC PDF
Type: Publications
Author: MoA Eritrea
No. / Year: 4 / 2019
Eritrean Technical Newsletter
Publisher: CRC PDF
Type: Publications
Author: CRC
No. / Year: 12016 / 2016
This information sheet introduces FCC–EMPRES core activities through successful programs and initiatives that illustrate FAO’s role in supporting member countries to prevent, prepare and respond to transboundary, high impact animal and plant pests and diseases and food safety threats.
Glossary on Desert Locust (English, Arabic Version)
Type: Publications
Author: Mahmoud Fahmy Harb
No. / Year: 2009
Desert Locust is no longer a science with a limited number of expressions, since it has evolved into an important far-reaching field of knowledge that includes several sciences with numerous branches, containing a considerable number of scientific, technical and specialized foreign terms. As a result of the daily scientific and technological developments and the worldwide information revolution, accompanied by a regular flow of newly created terms that affect all life aspects, particularly the agricultural field, a reaction was necessary also in the field of Desert Locust. In view of the above and due to the limited availability of quantitative and qualitative specialized scientific glossaries in the field of Desert Locust, the Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region (CRC) realized the necessity of issuing an inclusive simplified glossary. The glossary would include scientific and technical terms that are commonly used in the field of Locust and Grasshoppers together with their corresponding meanings and detailed explanations in English and Arabic in order to gratify the urgent need of professionals involved in both applied and research fields
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