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GCC, African countries discuss ways of controlling desert locusts
The city of Jeddah hosts on Saturday the 28th meeting of the Commission for Controlling Desert Locust in the Central Region (GCC and East Africa), a subsidiary of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

General Director of the Saudi National Center for locust control Adnan Al-Fatni said in a press statement released here today that the five-day meeting attended by experts and specialists from different countries in the region will look into ways of addressing activity of desert locusts in the past two years in the Member States and the latest methods of controlling them.

He added that the current round would discuss locust activity developments in the countries of the region and the future outlook for locust activity and develop plans to address this issue in the central region.

A FAO report has indicated that the Desert Locust is one of the most serious agricultural pests because of heavy damages to crops which affect the food security and export of agricultural commodities.

KUNA - 24, Nov 2012
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