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DL Situation in Eritrea, during Aug.2014
Survey of Desert locust was conducted from 8-11 August 2014 in Northern Red sea in subzones Qarura, Shieb and Afabet. There was no Desert locust but very few solitary adults were found around Shieb, Gadem Halib and Shiebet-Maalem.
Good summer rainfall is continuing all over the country particularly in the western lowlands, highlands of the country and there was flood also along Red sea coast from the highlands.
The ecological condition was developed and the vegetation was green. Favorable ecological condition is created for locust development in summer breeding areas of the country along Sudan boarder and along Red sea coast.
In the forecast period, survey is recommended in summer breeding areas of the country in Gash-Barka and in the winter breeding areas along Red Sea coast.

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DLIO-Eritrea - 04, Sep 2014
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