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Desert Locust Situation in OMAN during October 2014
The Desert Locust situation remained calm during October. No locust was seen during surveys operations carried out in North Battinah Region; Ash Shakhar (232723N570415E) and South West of  idaq (232442N570102E) . In Dhahera Region; Wadi Rafash (225839N562950E). In Dakhiliya Region; Wadi Nizwa (225021N572310E) South of Nizwa. In Musandam Governorate: Khasab, Diba, Bukha and Madha Ecological conditions remained unfavourable for Desert Locust breeding. No locust has been reported from other Regions in the country.

For more information, please download the National Desert Locust Bulletin, from the following link:

DLIO-Oman - 27, Oct 2014
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