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Desert Locust Situation in ETHIOPIA, during October 2014
In October, DL breeding was taking place in Afar Administrative Region whereas there was no DL activity report from other parts of the country. Survey has been conducted over 4515 ha in seven district of Afar Administrative Regions (Mile, Chifera, Yalo, Geregera, Awra, Gulina and Ewa). Around 10 hopper bands 5th instare locust hoppers (250-1500 m2 size) and fledgling adults were observed on 13 ha while three immature Swarmlets were observed on 100 ha.

A control operation was conducted successfully (100%kill) on 10 hopper bands and two swarmlets on 63 ha using 35 lts of Malathion 95%ULV. Most of the surveyed areas including where desert locust hoppers were observed, have been received moderate to high rainfall hence the annual and perennial vegetation were mostly green but in some areas has started drying and the soil was mostly wet and in some localities was dry.

For more information, please download the National Desert locust Bulletin, from the following link:

DLIO-Ethiopia - 31, Oct 2014
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