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Desert Locust Bulletin, No 475, April 2018

The Desert Locust situation continued to remain calm during April

No locusts were reported during April except for isolated solitarious adults in central Algeria and southeast Iran. Good rains fell during the month in the interior of Saudi Arabia, but annual vegetation was slow to respond, and breeding conditions remained generally unfavourable similar to other spring breeding areas in Northwest Africa and South-West Asia. Good rains also fell on the Red Sea coast of Yemen and Eritrea. No locusts were seen during extensive surveys in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India, and other surveys carried out in Algeria, Egypt, Oman and Yemen.

During the forecast period, small-scale breeding may occur in central Algeria and the Jaz Murian Basin in southeast Iran, and perhaps in areas of recent rainfall in the interior of Saudi Arabia and on the Red Sea coast in Yemen. However, no significant developments are likely because of the  poor rainfall and very low numbers of locusts this year in the spring breeding areas, and the summer rains are not expected to commence in the Sahel of West Africa and Sudan and along the Indo-Pakistan border until after the current forecast period.

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DLIS - 03, May 2018
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