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The first quarterly Progress report on the response in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen 

Since the start of the desert locust upsurge just over four months ago and the subsequent launch of FAO’s crisis appeal in January, a total of USD 130 million has been mobilized. Through this support, over 365 000 hectares have been controlled to date across the ten countries covered by the appeal.

From the control efforts conducted, preliminary estimates indicate that 720 000 tonnes of cereal have already been saved – worth around USD 220 million and representing enough to feed almost 5 million people for one year. The damage averted has spared an additional
350 000 pastoral households from livelihood loss and distress.

Significant progress has been made so far, but more needs to be done as it is unlikely that the current upsurge will be controlled by June. In the coming months, desert locust will continue breeding in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. New swarms will form in June, and migrate to the Sudan through South Sudan with a risk of infesting the Sahel in West Africa. Meanwhile substantial breeding is ongoing in Iran, Pakistan and Yemen, calling for a further scaled-up response. 

Consequently, more people could lose their livelihoods and face worsening food insecurity in the coming months. In reaction to these forecasts, FAO’s response plan is being updated to cover more countries, and will be shared in the coming days. With the support of our partners, we will continue to work alongside affected governments to extend control efforts and save lives and livelihoods.

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- 11, May 2020
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