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DL Situation
OMAN, June 2020
During this month DL swarms and groups  have reached to Dhofar governorate and they were able to copulate and lay eggs in some locations in the governorate, at the end of this month, the hatching have started. The control operations have stopped against DL hoppers and groups in the Northern governorates. The survey reports indicated the drying of the vegetation and soil moisture in the Northern Oman while in the South the vegetation was green and soil moisture wet. 

website link:http://desertlocust-crc.org/Pages/BulletinDetails.aspx?Id=2265&lang=EN&I=0&DId=0&CId=om&CMSId=800350
Downlowd link http://desertlocust-crc.org/Download.ashx?File=App_Uploads/Bulletins/Files/200629040057DL%20Bulletin%20June%202020[10645].pdf

DLIO-Oman - 29, Jun 2020
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