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DL Situation
ERITREA, September 2020
Desert locust survey and control operations carried out in all the six Regions of Eritrea during this month. Several mature and breeding swarms outbreak was seen in the Northern Red Sea around Afabet; Anseba region around Adi-Tekeliezan, Habero and Hamelmalo; Central Region around Berik and Serejeka; Southern region around Dubarwa; and Gash Barka region around Kerkebet and Selea. Mature and breeding groups incorporated with low density adults extended from karura to Ghelalo in the Northern Red Sea; and Kerkebet in the Gash Barka region. 1st-5th gregarious hopper groups seen around Afabet as well as Shieb (Northern Red Sea); Kerkebet and Selea (Gash Barka) which is near Asmat and Habero Sub-regions of Anseba region and Southern Red Sea coastal areas around Araeta, Central and Southern Denkalya Sub regions. Hopper bands were also detected around Afabet, Foro and Ghelalo Ground control teams treated a total of 5,509 ha infested area successfully and the operation is in progress.

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DLIO - Eritrea - 06, Oct 2020
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