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DL Situation
ERITREA, November 2020
Desert locust survey and control operations conducted in all the six regions of Eritrea during this month. Control was carried out against waves of immature swarms from Northern Ethiopia almost towards all sub regions of Southern and Central regions, Anseba region around Keren and Asmat areas, Gash-Barka region near Selea and Northern Red Sea region near Adobha, Nakfa, Afabet early in the month. Another immature swarm detected around Demas of the Northern Red Sea mid in the month. In addition, late in the month, immature swarms migrated from Sudan to the Northern Most areas of Eritrea around Karura and spread up to Shieb on the Central Red Sea Coast. Locally bred immature and mature adult groups, low density adults mixed with gregarious hopper groups of 1st-5th stages and fledging also present extended on the Northern Red Sea through out the month and gregarious hopper groups on the Southern Red Sea Coast and Western Lowland early in the month. Ground control teams treated a total of 6,480 ha infested area successfully and the operation is ongoing.

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DLIO - Eritrea - 02, Dec 2020
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