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DL Situation
ERITREA, December 2020
Desert locust survey and control operations conducted on the Northern Red Sea Coast during the month. Control was carried out against remnant immature swarms around Mehimet and karura bordering Sudan, extended up to Shieb and Demas on the Central Red Sea mixed with immature groups early in the month and swarms moved from Ethiopia to wards the Central Coast around Ghelalo late in the month; maturing, mature and breeding swarms with mature and breeding groups North of Marsa Gulbub extended further north up to Habel-Ketin. 1st-2nd gregarious hopper groups and bands also present North eastern Mehimet and near Foro with low density adults on the surveyed areas. Ground control teams treated a total of 1,780 ha infested area successfully during the month of December,2020 and the operation is ongoing.

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DLIO - Eritrea - 04, Jan 2021
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