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98 Training courses and workshops 1200 Locust/PPD Officers in non-front Line Countries 200 Locust/PPD Officers in front Line Countries 77 Specialists/Pilots in aerial Spray 75 Experts in sprayers maintenance 43 Desert Locust Diploma graduates 10 Desert Locust Master Degrees graduates 15 Desert Locust Information Officers

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Desert Locust News

09 Nov 2019 Ethiopia – Desert Locust infestation worsens
Concerted efforts required to scale up interventions and avert a crisis

04 Nov 2019 Desert Locust Bulletin, No. 493, October 2019
Warning Level: Threat

03 Oct 2019 Desert Locust Bulletin, No 492, September 2019
Warning Level: Threat

03 Sep 2019 Desert Locust Bulletin, No. 491, August 2019
Warning Level: Threat

02 Aug 2019 Desert Locust Bulletin, No 490, July 2019
Warning Level: Threat

30 Jul 2019 OMAN, July 2019
Groups of DL have arrived to some mountainous villages. These groups moved to the summer breeding areas (IND/PAK).

29 Jul 2019 ERITREA, July 2019
There is probability of migration of locust towards Eritrea.

Upcoming Events

(ETHIOPIA) DLCC - 41 Session ....
11 Dec 2019 Dr. Mamoon Al Alawi, the CRC Executive Secretary will represent the Commission in the 41 sessio .... Details

(YEMEN) National Training Course on DL Operations ....
22 Dec 2019 The FAO Regional Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region, in coopera .... Details

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(MOROCCO) Desert Locust Biological Control Workshop
"26 Nov 2019"
Within the framework of joint cooperation and exchange of information among FAO Regional Commissions of Desert Locust Control, the ... Details

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Using Drones for DL Monitoring

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